New Mount Olive Developement Corporation was established in 2009.
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General Assembly- This ministry is for all ages

Word Assembly- This ministry is geared specifically for individuals who have limited time due to work/family/personal commitments

Youth Assembly- This ministry is geared specifically for the youth of the ministry ages 17-down

Pentecostal Assembly- This ministry is geared toward the Level 3 saints who desire to flow in the presence of God by way of Additional/Extended worship services

Education Assembly - This ministry is established to promote and or inspire educational pursuit both on the biblical and secular levels as well as helping the body of Christ to keep abreast of the over changing technology of our times and future endeavors.

                                                  Mission in Me Ministry                                                          
                                                  Brotherhood Ministry                                                                      
                                                    Sisterhood Ministry                                                                            
                                                     Senior's Ministry                                                                                  
                                                       Dance Ministry                                                                                       
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