New Mount Olive Developement Corporation was established in 2009.

Welcome to the New Mount Olive United Holy Church of America, Inc.  We greet you with Jesus joy; and with the love of our Lord and Savior.
 On this website we seek to give you information that will lead and guide you into areas of spiritual maturity; in today's world. As we are often confronted with many trials and temptations, it is good to know: the one sure thing in life is: our belief and trust in GOD.  All believers should find complete satisfaction in Him. 
Here at New Mount Olive we strive to make a difference. 
Our goal is to nourish the surrounding community; by way of providing insight into cultural diversity, volunteerism, and offer support for families and individuals that are in need. We also strive to keep the community aware of issues that may affect their health and financial stability; as well as, provide an outlet for the abused in any form.  Finally,  we desire to combat hunger.  With positive resources, we strongly seek to pursue our mission by using all available means to train and enlighten.  We feel, our tools and methods of outreach will bring about prosperity to our community. 

New Mount Olive United Holy Church is located at:  510 Pennington Avenue - Trenton, New Jersey  08618 
The Honorable - Elder Robert E. Bryant, Sr. serves as our Senior Pastor.
Our E-Address is:  We are on Facebook:

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