New Mount Olive Developement Corporation was established in 2009.
Church Services

Church Fellowship Services

*The church fellowship service will be operating under the following ministries.

General Assembly- This ministry is for all ages

Word Assembly- This ministry is geared specifically for individuals who have limited time due to work/family/personal commitments

Youth Assembly- This ministry is geared specifically for the youth of the ministry ages 17-down

Pentecostal Assembly- This ministry is geared toward the Level 3 saints who desire to flow in the presence of God by way of Additional/Extended worship services

Sunday  Mornings Start times :

Winter(12:00 noon)                          Summer  (10:00am)  


  Church Program

* (w)= winter schedule                (s)= Summer schedule


                                                First Sunday                                               

Bible Church School                                                                            10:30am-11:30am


1. General Assembly                                                                          12:pm   



Second Sunday

1. Word Assembly                                                             10:30am-11:30am

2. General Assembly                                                                             12 pm


               Third Sunday             

Bible Church School                                                            10:30am-11:30am

1. General Assembly                                                                            12:pm


Fourth Sunday

1.  Youth Assembly                                                             10:30am-11:30am

2. General Assembly                                                                             12 pm


Sunday 5th

Education Day                                                                                       12 pm

South Jersey Union                                                                            4:30pm 


  Online Ministries


1. In person bible study                                                                                    

(Trenton Campus)                                                                        2nd Wednesday

 (Philly Campus)                                                                           4th Wednesday

 2. Rehearsals                                                                                                    

Musician                                                                        4th Saturday at 2 pm

                                   Choir rehearsal                                            

Pastor/Payton Ensemble choir                                                       2nd Sunday

Youth/Mass Choir                                                                          3rd Sunday

Dance Ministry                                                                                        TBA

Friday night fellowship                                                                             TBA

Midnight prayer                                                                                        TBA


Other special services:


1. Youth Joy Night 

2. Evangelistic Night

3. Youth Outtings

4. Midnight Prayer

5. Holy Eucharist Services
 (January, April, July, October)

The Founder: (1905-1971)
The late Pastor, Jessie Payton was born in Grimesland, North Carolina; October 13, 1905.  She was the daughter of Jarvis and Jessie Howard.  At the age of 12, she was converted and became a member of a Baptist Church in Grimesland, NC.
 In the year 1926, Pastor Jessie Payton became a member of New Birth United Holy Church of America in Grimesland, NC.  She served faithfully until she moved to Philadelphia, Pa.  She became a watch care member of the Fire Baptized Holy Church under Rev. Mrs. Carrie Taylor.  After a period of five years she moved to Trenton NJ, and served as an associate minister under Elder Jessie Spivey; until the Lord led her to go to Robbinsville NJ.  Mount Olive was established in Robbinsville, NJ under the pastorate of Jessie Payton.  She was indeed a woman who loved the Lord and lived according to the Bible.  She was a living example of obedience, and respect; not only to her Pastor Elder Spivey but, to all who she came into contact with.  New Mount Olive United Holy Church of America, Inc. will continue to march on; holding up the banner that our founder have left behind.

Church Affiliations:
New Mount Olive is proud to be affiliated with the oldest black Pentecostal movement in the United States.


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