New Mount Olive Developement Corporation was established in 2009.
About Us

In the year of 1968, the Lord saw fit to add another branch into the vineyard.  A woman by the name of Jessie Payton, answered the call of God to open a church. After much prayer and fasting, she sought God for guidance.  She was offered a place to worship inside the home of Henry and Clara Walker.  While looking for the new location, the Lord gave Pastor Payton a name for the church - Mount Olive Holy Church. The addition of the word "New" came later.  The church was very excited about what the Lord was doing. 
Out of this great ministry, a singing group known as:  "The Tinker Bells" were born.  They were a group of young children that was extended from the Payton family, under the direction of Sister Elizabeth Bryant.  This group was very anointed and became known through out the United Holy Church.
 After many months of searching, Pastor Payton became determined to find the right location.  The lord led her to our present location:  510 Pennington Avenue - Trenton, NJ 08618. This location has become a milestone for hundreds of souls.  While waiting to purchase the property, God led Pastor Payton to go to Robbinsville NJ and conduct tent services. People from everywhere stopped by and were richly blessed.  Many accepted the Lord during this season, and eventually joined .
 Pastor Payton became affiliated with United Holy Church of America, Inc. and with the help of the late Bishop Jessie Spivey; Pastor Payton opened the doors under the umbrella of the U.H.C.  This move proved to be a good decision, as Pastor Payton went on to become "Whose Who" in this great organization.  In the month of August 1972, the Lord decided  Pastor Payton work was done and in His Infinite wisdom and glorious power - closed her eyes from this side of glory to her eternal Hope of Glory.
 After her death, Elder Rudolph Payton {her son}, assumed leadership.  In 1975, The Reverend Daisy Scott {Pastor J. Payton's daughter} ,was appointed pastor of the church.  It was under her administration, the church was renamed New Mount Olive U.H.C of America Inc.  Pastor Scott accomplishments were great while she served in this capacity.  However, due to failing health, Pastor Scott regrettably had to resign.  Although she resigned, she continued to support the church.  In 1995, the newly elected Pastor, Elder Robert E. Bryant Sr., appointed Elder Scott as the church's Shepherd Mother.  She was well deserving of this elite position.  We shall never forget those who have paved the way such as:  Minister Anthony B. Scott - {Organist/Unofficial Assistance Pastor, and Church Counselor} among others roles.
IN CONCLUSION,   as a church with Holy standards, we will continue to hold on to the legacy which gives us our existence today, and in the future.
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